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Why Demisto?

Unprecedented insight and resolution into complex incidents

You are the front-line – performing security incident response. You work valiantly to protect your company and its people from cyber attacks. You continuously fight an up-hill battle to:

  • Fight alert fatigue
  • Reduce mean time to respond
  • Develop consistent incident management process
  • Detect, manage and block threats faster

Demisto offers the industry’s first comprehensive Security Operations Platform that helps SOC teams:

  • Automate alert triage via playbooks and 100s of security actions
  • Track and manage incidents consistently and efficiently
  • Automate threat feed correlation and hunting
  • Interactively investigate and collaborate in real-time using ChatOps
Company Overview

Realize ROI from War Room to Board Room

War Room

  • 95% reduction in alert volume: one Demisto customer reported a decrease of 10,000 weekly alerts down to 500
  • Automate security operations to increase analyst productivity
  • Get maximize value from current security product investments
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Board Room 

  • 30% reduction in Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • Consistent incident management process and metrics
  • Reduce risk – proactive detection of threats via automated threat hunting
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Too Good to be True?

ChatOps and Automation:  DBot is taking the security world by storm

At the heart of Demisto’s technology is DBot, a chatbot that is integrated with dozens of products and understands 100s of security commands.

Dbot can change your life by:

  • Automating complicated security playbooks
  • Responding to interactive commands in real-time via a chat interface
  • Indexing and analyzing all security information for threat indicators
  • Creating a power search interface with real-time indexing and correlation of indicators and incidents
  • Enabling  multi-tenancy and high scalability
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