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Demisto Enterprise – The First Intelligent Automation and ChatOps Platform for Security Operations Centers

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What is Demisto Enterprise?

You are the front-line – security incident response. You work valiantly to protect your company and its people. Problem is, while there are more security products and threats than ever, there are fewer of you. Mired in the manual tasks, you know that integrating a few apps and scripts isn’t enough. You need help. And fast.

Demisto Enterprise is the first Security Operations Platform to combine intelligent automation and collaboration into a single ChatOps interface. Demisto’s automation is provided by DBot who interacts with your team via ChatOps for playbook-based workflows, cross-correlation, and information sharing, helping security teams scale while working and learning the way humans are wired to – together.

Who is DBot

DBot is a security ChatBot and the first of its kind. DBot is your co-pilot and collaborator.

At your direction, DBot automates playbook actions, and helps you correlate incident artifacts by using sophisticated patterns and powerful search capabilities. By correlating artifacts, comments and incident meta-data in past and ongoing forensic investigations, DBot is able to proactively identify duplicate or related incidents in progress.

DBot for Slack is a free and open source ChatBot to enable secure collaboration and to enable collaboration among security teams that use Slack.

What is ChatOps?

A concept new to security teams but natural to their work process, ChatOps is an interactive interface into the Demisto Enterprise platform which allows analysts to share insights and information, and to direct DBot to take actions on their behalf and report back results.

All information and interactions are securely captured within an investigation’s war-room. Once captured, Dbot curates the information for automatic journaling and evidentiary support, and to create best practices, new playbooks, satisfy audits, or for analyst training

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