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Learn how SOAR tools can elevate security teams across the incident response lifecycle

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Alert numbers have you drowning. Your security product stack grows every day. Business risk is real. We’ve got your back.

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Accelerate Incident Enrichment and Response​
Orchestrate actions across your security product stack to cut ‘dead time’. Automate low-level tasks and turn your focus to productive problem-solving.​
  • Leverage 100s of product integrations to coordinate workflow actions.
  • Choose from 1000s of commands to automate incident response.
  • Study indicators of compromise and capture cross-incident trends.
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Solidify Incident Response Processes​
Streamline alert ingestion from multiple sources and kick off tailored response playbooks. Reconstruct incident timelines for clear root cause analyses.
  • Use five focused views across incident lifecycle.
  • Capture performance and SLAs for response accountability.
  • Visualize granular metrics to make the data work for you.
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Collaborate and Learn with Each Incident
Conduct real-time investigations to utilize team expertise and synergies. Benefit from machine learning insights for increased response effectiveness.
  • Collaborate on analysis and response with virtual War Room.
  • Run real-time security commands to minimize console-switching.
  • Utilize machine learning for efficient security operations.
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