Demisto is the leading Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that helps security teams accelerate incident response, standardize and scale processes, and more.

Acquired in Spring 2019 by Palo Alto Networks, Demisto a Palo Alto Networks Company continues to reinvent the SOAR space with Cortex XSOAR, a platform combining the power of native Threat Intel Management and SOAR.

How We Help

Security teams are wilting under dual pressures:

Rising Alerts

The volume and complexity of alerts are increasing, demanding response accuracy and agility to ensure that no alert slips through the cracks.

Scarce Resources

SOCs face an uphill battle in trying to extract value from existing product and personnel investments. CISOs now need to quantify security ROI before executive approval.

Demisto combines security orchestration and automation, incident management, and interactive investigation to help security teams meet these challenges and best leverage existing and new security investments.