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Installation Instructions for DBot

Installation for DBOT is pretty straightforward. Following are the steps to install DBOT and configure it for your environment.

Step 1: Installation

Go to and click on the Add to Slack button on the home page. This will take you to the Slack oauth process and redirect back to our configuration screen. At this time you are already authenticated and ready to configure DBOT. That’s it single click install.

Next step is to “Configure DBOT”.

Configure DBot

To configure DBOT, you can send DIRECT MESSAGES to @dbot on Slack.

Choose “dbot” from the “DIRECT MESSAGES” menu. @dbot understands the following commands:

  • config – list the current channels @dbot is listening on
  • join all/#channel1,#channel2,… – @dbot will join all/specified public channels and start monitoring them
  • verbose on/off #channel1,#channel2,… – turn on verbose mode on the specified channels
  • vt the-api-key-you-got-from-vt: add your own VirusTotal key to use. You can get a key at
  • xfe the-api-key-you-got-from-xfe the-password-you-got: add your own IBM X-Force Exchange credentials to use. You can get credentials at

Verbose mode is usually used by security professionals. When in verbose mode, @dbot will display reputation details about any URL, IP or file including clean ones.

It is important to specify your own keys to get reliable results as our public API keys are rate limited.

Need further help?

Feel free to email us at if you have further questions or join our community at