DFIR Meetup (02/17/2016) – Lima Charlie for Incident Response

video - Lima Charlie for Incident Response

LIMA CHARLIE is an endpoint security platform. It is itself a collection of small projects all working together to become the LC platform. LC gives you a cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS) low-level environment allowing you to manage and push (in memory) additional modules to. The main module (at the moment) is the HBS sensor, which provides telemetry gathering and basic forensic capabilities.

Many of those individual features are provided through other platforms, so why LC? LC gives you a single messaging, cloud and analytic fabric that will integrate with anything and scale up. Sensor is extra-light and installs nothing on the host.

Ultimately LC is meant to be a platform for the security community to experiment with, a starter kit to have the endpoint monitoring you want or to the platform enabling you to try new endpoint techniques without the hassle of rebuilding the basics.)

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