Management and Response

Demisto’s incident management finds the perfect balance between standardized incident response for high-quantity attacks and customized response for sophisticated, one-off attacks.

The Need for Modern Incident Management

Incident management solutions have been around for years. This industry maturity has resulted in points-of-parity that any solution is now expected to have. Features such as process documentation, SLA tracking, role-based access control, and SIEM data ingestion are now considered prerequisites for an incident management solution.

Incident management needs to evolve and build atop this foundation of essential features to help users vanquish the security challenges of today rather than just tread water in the face of attacks.

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Incident Management with Demisto

Incident Repository

A database of incidents ingested from multiple sources into Demisto with full search-and-query capabilities, details and context, and visualized data cross-sections.

Evidence Board

An evidence timeline to reconstruct attack chains and piece together key pieces of verification for root cause discovery.

Full Customizability

Demisto users can create their own incident types, incident labels, indicator types, indicator labels, incident summary layouts, and frameworks for incident response.

Flexible Deployment

Demisto can be deployed both on-premise and as a hosted offering on the cloud, ensuring that the platform is tailored to organizational requirements. The platform is also primed for full multi-tenancy with engine-based load balancing and database isolation.

Unified Platform

By unifying incident management with interactive investigation and security orchestration and automation, Demisto affords security teams a holistic view of the entire incident lifecycle from a single console.

Dashboards and Reports

Fully customizable dashboards and reports with a user-driven widget library to visualize tailored metrics in real-time. 

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Metric Visibility and Reporting

With the average company using more than 15 different security products, each of them spinning up alerts and unique data, the surfeit of information at a SOC’s disposal has never been higher. However, this breadth of data availability has not been matched with the adoption of tools that distill and visualize data across products into relevant metrics.

Demisto’s customizable and modular dashboards are the lighthouse to help guide lost SOC ships to shore. Default dashboards provide visibility into analyst-level, incident-level, and business-level metrics. Additionally, a fully customizable widget editor lets teams create their own dashboards from scratch, enabling the creation of tailored visuals that are powered by the platform’s rich, underlying data.

Demisto Dashboards Overview
Incident Report Template