for Security Operations

Demisto’s machine learning capabilities power the platform to increase responder productivity, accelerate playbook development, and enable leaner, more efficient security operations.

Why Our Machine Learning is Different

Machine learning is a term awash with both endless potential and considerable skepticism. As a platform built with a foundation of machine learning from scratch, Demisto has facilitated verifiable benefits in SOCs across geographies, maturity, and scope of operations.

We believe that machine learning is only as powerful as the datasets used for learning. Since Demisto’s underlying data is a unique cross-section of incident, indicator, and analyst-level information, our machine learning algorithms can provide holistic insights to increase security effectiveness.

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Human not Replacement

Demisto’s automation and machine learning is designed to help security analysts be more productive, proactive, and satisfied with their work.

We shave off time required for high-quantity, repeatable tasks and provide insights so that analysts have rich context upon which to base their decisions.

Machine Learning with Demisto

Incident Owner Recommendations

Demisto studies incident data to suggest the best analysts to own specific incident types.

Security Expert Suggestions

When security teams collaborate in the War Room, Demisto studies similar incidents and suggests the most relevant analysts that can be invited to assist with a particular incident.

Commonly Used Security Commands

Demisto suggests which security commands are commonly run for specific incident types, guiding security teams that may be stuck on an investigation.

Related Incidents

Demisto provides a visualization of related incidents across time for each incident with UI-based options to link incidents and mark duplicates.

Playbook Task Inputs

Demisto suggests input and argument types for custom playbook tasks, providing a guiding hand during workflow creation.

Duplicate Incidents

Demisto provides an out-of-the-box automation to generate a list of duplicate incidents, either as a playbook task or interactively in the War Room.