Challenge: Too many security alerts and not enough skilled analyst

Over the past couple of decades, security industry has created more and more products to protect against the hackers. While attackers have used automation, and evolved with each new attack, we have not used the power of automation to our advantage. This is where security orchestration can help alleviate the pain.

Automate and Increase Efficiency

Demisto Enterprise helps customers improve efficiency with alert triage, data enrichment, incident response and other security operations tasks. Ability to build custom playbooks with numerous integrations in a graphical drag and drop manner makes it easy to pick the most time consuming and redundant tasks and automate them.

Event from Splunk Alert
task details

Scheduled Playbooks or Incident Driven

Demisto’s playbooks can be either scheduled or triggered with an incident or an alert. Scheduled playbooks are useful for regular security tasks like firewall backup, Anti-virus compliance checks etc. The incident/alert driven playbook accelerate and improve time to respond by automatically triaging false-positives and collected relevant security information.

Extensible Integration Framework

Demisto integrates with 100+ products out of the box already. In addition, Demisto Enterprise has been designed with a powerful SDK that enables building new integration easy and fast. There are no external tools or environments required to build new integrations. The new integrations can be built in Python or JavaScript.