Challenge: Personnel woe, SLA anxiety, and variable customer visibility

Many organizations choose to outsource security to MSSPs, but this field is not without its difficulties. MSSPs have a shortage of trained security personnel which leads to lack of SLA commitment. MSSPs also find it tough to authorize flexible SOC visibility to demanding customers.

Maximize Analyst Productivity

MSSPs can use Demisto Enterprise to alleviate the shortage of trained security personnel. Repetitive tasks can be automated through intuitive playbooks, analysts can learn from each other through collaborative war-room discussions, and the single-pane-of-glass view can reduce alert fatigue. MSSPs can achieve maximum results even under resource duress with Demisto’s help.

Event from Splunk Alert
Demisto Multi-Tenant Feature Screenshot

Multi-Tenant Flexibility

Demisto for MSSPs is a natively multi-tenant solution, allowing master tenant admin to grant role-based visibility to tenants, onboard new customers in minutes, and scale as needed. Each customer environment is completely isolated for security and privacy reasons with a separate DB. Individual customers can be given full access to their environment and perform joint investigations with the MSSP to considerably reduce incident resolution time and effort.

Consistent Results, SLA Confidence

Using Demisto’s automated playbooks, collaborative chat rooms, and customer access functionalities can reduce the time MSSPs usually take to solve incidents. This sea change in efficiency will lead to consistent results and increase MSSPs’ confidence in meeting stringent SLAs. Master tenant has access to the incident metrics of all the child tenants, enabling accurate measurement and management of all tenants.

Demisto dashboard
War room reputation

Increase Customer Trust and Agility

Today, the only way MSSPs interact with customers is through cumbersome email and ticket management systems. With Demisto’s war-room, MSSPs can collaborate in real-time with customers, increasing speed of communication. Customers can also actively be involved in joint investigations, leading to increased mutual trust and transparency.