Security and Automation

Demisto’s orchestration enables security teams to ingest alerts across sources and execute standardized, automatable playbooks for accelerated incident response.

What is Security Orchestration?

Security orchestration involves interweaving people, processes, and technology in the most effective manner to strengthen the security posture of an organization. By streamlining security processes, connecting disparate security tools and technologies, and maintaining the right balance of machine-powered security automation and human intervention, security orchestration empowers security professionals to effectively and efficiently carry out security operations and incident response.

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How is Security Orchestration different from Security Automation?

It’s common industry practice to use ‘security orchestration’ and ‘security automation’ interchangeably, but these terms are not the same.  

Security automation is making machines do task-oriented ‘human work’. Security orchestration is making different products (both security and non-security) integrate with each other and automating tasks across products through workflows, while also allowing for end user oversight and interaction. 

Security automation is a subset of security orchestration. Security orchestration involves the combination of people, processes, and technology to improve an organization’s security posture.  

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The Need for Security Automation and Orchestration

Security teams are wilting under dual pressures.

On one hand, the volume and complexity of alerts are increasing, demanding accuracy and agility in response to ensure that no alert slips through the cracks.

On the other hand, resources are scarce. SOCs face an uphill battle in trying to extract maximal value from existing product and personnel investments. CISOs now need to quantify security ROI before executive buy-in.

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Security Orchestration and Automation with Demisto

Visual Playbook Editor

Easy-to-build drag-and-drop playbooks with 100s of executable actions across security products, workflow logic, and manual checks and balances.

Live Workplan Review

A clear graphical interface to review and validate playbook runs in real-time with human-readable output and machine-readable context.

Codeless Playbook Creation

Demisto playbook tasks have filters and transformers that can be manipulated to implement complex automatable tasks from ingestion to response.

Modular and Dynamic

Demisto playbook tasks and task blocks can be carried over across playbooks. Real-time editing, a ‘Playground’ for testing playbooks, and YAML-based sharing make playbook creation a quick and simple process.

Integrations and Extensible Platform

Hundreds of built-in security product integrations with intuitive classification mappers and a powerful SDK to build your own custom integrations.

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Security Automation and Orchestration:
Budgeting and ROI

With cybersecurity defenses maturing every day, CISOs are now mandated to validate security purchases with ROI metrics. Security orchestration and automation tools can act as the bedrock upon which accurate, actionable ROI studies are built.  

With security orchestration engines as the central console coordinating across other security tools, measuring both task and incident level time differentials is simplified, resulting in observable MTTR reduction.  

This ‘risk perspective ROI’ also calculates freed up time for analysts to focus on more proactive, strategic problem-solving tasks such as threat hunting and workflow improvements. 

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