Incident Response

Enrich and resolve alerts faster through automation, unified workflows, and real-time investigation on a single console.

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The Challenge The Challenge

Security teams struggle to display agility in the face of growing alert numbers, evolving attacking techniques, and the large number of security products that need to work in concert during incident response. With a sizable chunk of analyst time being taken up by repetitive tasks, the likelihood of a critical alert slipping through the cracks is real and growing.

How Demisto Helps

Unify Workflows​

Our orchestration engine weaves actions across your security product stack into unified workflows that minimize the need for constant tab-switching and time-sapping coordination.​

Automate Actions​

Our automation library enables 1000s of commands to execute at machine speed, handing valuable seconds back into security analysts’ hands for decision-making and problem-solving.​

Collaborate in Real-Time

Our virtual War Room affords a platform for collaboration and real-time analysis, letting analysts conduct joint investigations and run commands across security products from a single screen without worrying about documentation.