Incident Response Processes

Achieve best-practice response benchmarks through intuitive workflowscontinuous learning, and end-to-end incident management.

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The Challenge The Challenge

As SOCs mature, security teams spend most of their day fighting fires and can’t devote enough time to set standard response processes or spot patterns that reduce reworkThis results in response quality being dependent on individual analysts, which can lead to variance in effectiveness.

How Demisto Helps

Scalable Workflows

Demisto playbooks can be automated, manual, or anywhere in between to give your security team the degree of standardization and scale it needs.

Continuous Learning

Our machine learning provides insights to help improve workflow creation, add commonly used security actions, and assign relevant analysts per incident. 

Spot Trends and Patterns

Get visibility into related incidents to validate linkages, mark duplicates, and reduce marginal time to respond to similar attacks in the future.